International Summer School

Summer school offers a broad range of opportunities for our international students. While our highly rated academic modules are the core of the summer school experience, you are also encouraged to take part in an exciting social programme that includes?city tours, cultural excursions, and a variety of extracurricular activities with our students. Join us in 2019 to discover Chinese history and culture, develop your academic skills, and meet new friends from around the world. ?

Hosted by ZJU’s School of Management, the “Entrepreneurship in China” International Summer School is a three-week program taught in English. Through a series of lectures, visits and group assignments, students are inspired to develop a deeper understanding of the Chinese business and economic landscape. The 2018 Summer School will be scheduled from June 14 to July 2. Application is now. Click here for more information about this program.

Alford Sibanda, South African, '16 Graduate

“A once in a life time opportunity, which left me striving for more. The entire program gave a new-dawn understanding of China, from the socio-cultural to the entrepreneurial. The company visits gave an insight into how business and entrepreneurships work in China compared to other parts of the world. They showed the potential that they possess to dominate the global market. The cultural visits, in turn gave a brief history on how the brilliant city of Hangzhou had a profound impact on modern China.”

Adam Oskarsson, Sweden, '16 Graduate

“Fantastic three weeks, with helpful and cheerful professors, mentors and volunteers. The survival china lectures were probably among the most fun lectures, and the ordinary lectures provided good knowledge with great importance for entrepreneurship. Among the best regions I have ever been to, with nice people and much to explore and see. The West Lake and the surroundings is one unique experience!”

The Ocean Youth Camp offers a two-weeks program at ZJU’s Ocean College which resides on the coastal Zhoushan Campus, just 500 meters from the East China Sea. Under the theme “For a Better Ocean Future”, various activities are designed to provide participants with an insight into ocean science and Chinese culture.

ZHU Jingsheng
E-mail:[email protected]

Suppakarn Jandang, a PhD candidate from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand.

Ocean research calls for collaboration. Everyone here can contribute to the development of regional and global ocean research. I’m very pleased to meet friends equally interested in this field.

The International Summer Program of Guanghua Law School encourages law students to delve in to the current Chinese legal system and promote the communication and cooperation between Chinese and foreign students. Excellent international camper can win a scholarship base on their outstanding performance during the summer program. Click here to have more information about this program.

ZJU also offers a?variety?of?summer programs in collaboration with international counterparts: ZJU-NCSU Joint Field Course “Plant Resources, Ecology & Culture of Eastern China”, Summer Research Program in the area “Optical Physics” with KTH,?Summer Lab Program with University of Wisconsin–Madison and University of Washington, etc.

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